Sunday, August 30, 2009


I FAILED I didn't make dinner last night I was just to tired I don't want to lie and say I did when I didn't. but I will get right back up start again do I feel like it no I all most feel like I am starting over but I know now what stress can do to you that is why you must learn to deal with the stress. so what is for dinner T bones and baked potoes and string beans. I have made that once in the last 13 days again but it sounds good and easy to get back started on life.


12 days its seems like longer I am really working at fighting this, I made dinner last night it was left overs but I made it look fresh and taste good, today has been a long day we had a death in the family and the family is all in a up roar and attacking each other which doesn't help my PTSD but I have learned to take a step back and say do what is right for me. Let them fight let them fix. I am no longer in that roll. and that is a big change for me and hard because I want to jump right in and fix it but I am taking all my power to stay out of it. That is better for me they will figure it out.