Friday, September 18, 2009


HERE IT IS DAY 21 whats for dinner you ask its beef and broccoli stir fry. Do I feel better I would have to say over all Yes. did I make dinner every night no but most nights am I out of bed yes most days. Can I find the Joy in something yes I can and I found it doesn't have to be any bigger then a 2 tooth smile from my grandson.. am I healed no but my feet are on the path to healing which means they are on the floor not up in bed. I have had set backs but I have had a lot of forwards to. am I done blogging No I have found some thing new to blog about with my dinners I make what is it I will be doing.. cleaning my house one room at a time some thing I have not been able to do for months, You know that deep down cleaning like the base boards and light bulbs the doors and door jams. every closet every nook and cranny. how long will it take I am not sure it sounds over whelming right at this min but I am going to brake it down in to one thing one day. My Joy today I got to talk to mercy she is so uplifting and is such a big help, I don't use her real name because I should ask her if its OK before I do that.
I learned that 21 days brakes a habit not PTSD which really took a load off my mind because I thought I failed because I was not ALL BETTER.. but I will say in finding my JOY I found Hope and its true if you don't have HOPE you have nothing. if you have lost all hope start by finding your small joy in the day and you will see after a while your hope just shows up.