Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ok lets start with dinner I made baked Ziti Supreme and steamed broccoli no desert husband said with all this cooking he has gained 10 lbs. How do I feel still not real good but am I getting better yes I think so I am able to sleep at least 5 hours a night in stead of none at all. I have to look hard to find my Joy but I have found some thing every day to make me smile. My Joy today to Hear my grandsons laughter when all I said was bo bo bo bo and I got a belly roll laugh from a 11 month old that you thought just heard the funnest thing in the whole world. He laughed so hard you had to laugh with him, he is my Joy. and I got a text message from my 15 year old granddaughter asking me if I have learned to text yet. and since I had to have my son show me how to find the text on my cell phone and he had to read to me what she wrote because I didn't have my glass's on. I laughed when I got on the computer and emailed her and said sorry honey old people don't know how to text.
Which now that I think about it this whole thing is amazing my grandmother just passed away 7 months ago she was 94. I tried to get her to email some one and you would have thought I brought black magic in to the house. In her day you just picked up the phone if you had one.

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