Wednesday, September 2, 2009


OK SORRY EVERY ONE if any one is reading this I missed day 14, my mother died she was the reason I have PTSD and it has thrown me for a loop plus the same day my brothers house almost got burnt down, then my son and his wife their 10 month old baby and she is due in 2 weeks had to move in with us, so needless to say STRESS STRESS STRESS.. but I got up and I made dinner last night fry ed chicken mashed potatoes Garvey. and chocolate pudding with a toddler at my feet, and my son very unhappy. did I feel like getting up today no but I did .. did I make dinner tonight yes was is fancy no but it was dinner pigs in a blanket and mac and cheese.
do I want to give up yes.. am I going to NO HELL NO.. We all have set backs but move on so that is what I am going to do move on. That is what we need to do with PTSD is move on get up. OK we are sick and don't want to move DON'T LET THEM WIN.. we have all ready won we survived life goes go. so let your life be happy not sad. Did I find Joy today yes I did I watched my grandson who is 10 months old walk clear across the room by him self and be so proud he did that one thing. I smiled.. OK to be honest did I smile when we gave him a bath in the kitchen sick and he stood up and shot pee clear across the contour Hmmm Yes I did because again he gave the look as if to say LOOK WHAT I CAN GO.. How can you not laugh at that..


  1. Ha, ha, ha! You had me smiling and laughing out loud. Indeed, what a feeling "look what I can do", for all of us!

    Pigs in a blanket may not be fancy but it sure sounds delicious. Sometimes it's the simple things that satisfy us the most.

  2. Hi Mercy,
    Small children are special - good for you for enjoying them.

    I often want to lie down too, during the day - I know the feeling. Good for you for fighting back. Hope you make something good today.