Monday, September 7, 2009


OK OK I know its been a few days I am going to call them just lost days of mess. am I still working on my PTSD yes I am Very hard and its hard work. I still don't have my neck in right so my head hurts but I am up and today I made my shopping list and its back to dinner and desert.
dinner a chicken stir fry desert strawberry cheese cake. I am tired and working hard to learn to sleep at night. with all that has gone on and all the stress of this last week I have to say since I started this 16 days ago I think I am getting better, If I can get my weight down and my head to stop hurting and sleep a little more I will be doing great. This healing PTSD is a lot of work but it took a lot of work to get us here, I was mad for a long long time some one else did this to me and now I suffer for it and not only do I suffer for it its my Job to work my way out. THAT'S NOT FAIR.. but yelling and screaming that didn't help. I had to look at it different I survived, some of the kids in our family didn't, I learned and I am a good person I desire to live and be happy. BE HAPPY.. That's the big one and some times we have to Learn to be happy.
My joy today I got a big smile from my grandson and I know it was for me not the cookie I was holding for him..

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