Friday, September 11, 2009


OK BUSTED AGAIN its been a few days since I signed in to do this but its been crazy around here. My daughter in law is 9 months due and ready to pop any min plus she has a 11 month old we are chasing after and when I say chasing I mean chasing you call him and he will turn his head look at you and RUN THE OTHER WAY. I don't feel good and his mama doesn't feel good and I think he knows it, so he trys to get away with a lot. Plus being grandma what I think is cute and he should eat and what his mama thinks is cute and he should NOT eat will lets just say grandma sneaks him a lot of stuff, but I feel that is a grandma's Job, what happens at grandma's stays at grandma's. So for dinner tonight is a chicken salad easy to fix and a one bowl deal. desert ice cream. I just pray my daughter in law doesn't notice all the little bites taken out of the ice cream that her 11 month old had.. I have no clue why he wouldn't go to bed last night or why he runs after me when I head for the kitchen, I am just glad he cant talk. and I do make sure we wash down what ever he eats with a little water or formula so mama cant smell his breath..
My Joy to day getting to talk to mercy who has really instilled in me there is life after PTSD
That if you look hard enough you can find Joy in some small thing. I was feeding my grandson a bottle and I looked down at him and he was just staring at me our eyes met he never looked away, and as I stared back at him I asked him "what do you see baby boy" and he just looked at me, like I was some one I don't know and I would like to get to know that person that baby See's

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